Friday, February 26, 2010

Elise's birthday dance

Elise is 3!!!

Elise was so excited that we were singing to her, she turned to me and made this face where her chin was scrunched down into her neck and her smile stretched across her whole face. I wish I had been holding the camera so it could be seen. It was adorable!

Life is good when you get your first barbie!

Shaylin and Brynlee are 5!!!

Here are the picture from the girls birthday last Saturday. They had a princess and castle cake, they opened tons of awesome presents, and they got make-up (of which they are happily sporting above)!!

Front room

Yeah, it's almost done!!! Here is a video of the room.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Caught with his pants down!

Kaden needed help getting his pants up after going to the bathroom, but we were busy getting creal for everyone, an the next thing I knew, he was sitting at the table eating his breakfast with his pants still around his ankles. Then later that morning I caught him sittin at the piano playing and singing 5 Little Monkeys. What a cutie!


Okay, so we have missed way too much! I've been redoing our upstairs with a new paint job and we got new floors put in, and tomorrow we get our new furniture! Yeah, I love new!
I was looking through the pictures last night and realized how much I've missed, so here is one where Nicolas had to get a 24 hour EKG. We had to see if his heart could handle the ADHD medication. The stickers itched him, so he hated it, but he was a trooper.!