Sunday, August 5, 2012

Washington D.C.

          We were so excited to be able to visit our nations capitol this year, even though it was hot (not as bad as I've heard it being, only in the 90's, but very humid). 
          We stayed with some friends in Manasses, VA, and drove to the capitol from there.  We had a great time, to great in the Natural History Museaum and ended up spending most of the day there.  The kids were in Heaven!  We saw dinosaurs, rocks, sea creatures, jewels, lava, Neanderthals, and much more!  What fun!!

The White House
Elise has always said she wants to be a police girl, so we got her to pose in front of the white house gaurd!
The Washington Monument
The Ohio sign in front of the World War II Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Haley caught in deep thought in front of the Vietnam Memorial
Shaylin being fed by the Neanderthal
Nicolas with all the rocks!  He was so excited!
The White House on our Way back to the car. Gorgeous!
 We realized we'd be heading home right in rush hour traffic, so we walked around a bit and found this gorgeous door, some people passed by and offered to take our picture, so we accepted.
 The next day, on our way to the zoo, we wanted to see the Pentagon, so here is a shot from the car as we drove by (yes, I was driving and taking pictures at the same time).
 We got a shot of the Capital Building from the car as well, since we weren't willing to make the walk to it after the museum.
We got stuck in a Falun Gong parade/Protest/Plea for help.  Pretty crazy, it was going through the lights, along with the flow of traffic, and was 10 blocks or more long!

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