Sunday, August 1, 2010


This summer has been so much fun, so here are a few pictures to update everyone (minus our Canada trip, I still need to go through those pictures).
Brynlee has been bugging me for months to take off her training wheels, but I assumed she needed more time and I kept urging her to wait awhile. She was persistant enough, that I finally gave in, ready for having to work and teach, and see her frustrated, and just really be a bit annoyed. Well, I was wrong. I gave her the bike, gave her a push, and she was off. She's now a pro. The sad thing is, then Shaylin wanted to try, so Nels took her wheels off, gave her a push and she crashed...quite a few times. She finally said, " I can't ride my bike because I haven't lost a tooth yet" (Brynlee had lost her first tooth a few days prior and it made a great immpresion on Shaylin). Thankfully, about a month later she tried again and was sucessful. But sadly, I didn't get a video of her because Haley was the one that helped her (what a good sister. Where was her mother you ask, yes, she was inside doing housework! Dumb dirt, it's always getting in the way). Oh, yes. I almost forgot to tell you what Brynlee's motivation was for learning. I didn't even realize it until after it was too late. For months I've been saying that the girls can't ride their bikes in the street. They'd always ask why Haley could, and do you know what my answer was? Yes, I didn't think it through very well, it was, "Haley can ride her bike in the street because she has a two-wheeler." I guess I figured that they'd never learn to ride a two-wheeler. But oh well, we live in a double-culdesac so there are very few cars, and they are pretty good at watching for them. All we have left is Elise, and I think she could do it no wif I let her. She was riding Brynlee's right before we took them off, and she wasn't hardly even using the training wheels. They grow up way too stinking fast! Haley and I took a trip out to Sacramento, CA to see my sister, Shauna,where we met up with my best friends form High School (it's been over 10 years, and it felt like no time had passed at all!!!)
I also got to see one of my bestest friends from church(it too has been over 10 years, and was so much fun!!!)
I got to see my Dad and Marte, Uncle Joseph with his girlfriend Dimple. We went to San Fran, had a wonderful meal, shared a bucket of donuts, and froze our butts off walking around :)

And Haley and Skyler got to be reunited! (This was our makeover picture session!)
One day after we got back, Nels went to Idaho to visit his family, and then two weeks after that we left for Canada! It has been very eventful, but thus far, one of the best summers ever!

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  1. Riding TWO WHEELERS?!!! They do grow up too stinkin' fast! :D Too cute, though. ;) I can't imagine it. To me they're still the same age as when I last saw them. :( Kinda makes one sad.