Monday, July 2, 2012

I Never Expected #2

Ok, it’s July, and I feel it’s time to let you in on another of my, I never expected’s.
Life is good, my children are wonderful, but somehow when I began having children, I had this false assumption that things would remain clean.  
What everyone neglected to tell me was that they don’t. Our house would quickly be filled with inanimate objects that will be spread anywhere they get flung by anyone with the hands or the ability to do so. And they don’t find their home until someone decides it’s time to clear the floor. I know that sooner than later, the children will be gone and I'll be missing these messes, so I do accept this fact (most of the time). I did however capture a few of these crazy messes one morning before I cleaned up.
So, here are some pictures of these inanimate objects that seem to be completely happy in the middle of the floor, and almost seem to be asking for someone to step on them (especially the really sharp ones). 

We had a friend walk in on our apartment when we had just one child, and her toys were strewn everywhere. He commented, "We know who rules this house." Well, if anyone comes over and questions who rules this house, these pictures just might give you the answer!  So...
I never expected that I wouldn’t see the floors (or any other surface in my house) for many, many years. 

 Shaylin and Brynlee’s room before and after:

Haley and Elise’s room before and after: 

The office before and after: 
 Nicolas and Kaden's room before and after:


The basement before and after:


  1. I've been asking Malynn and Sophie to clean their room. If I took pictures, the only ones there would be are "Before"..... "Before"...... "Before"..... from now until eternity is over. I love a clean house, just not enough to spend all my time making it so.
    You've done a tremendous job! It's a herculean task and you conquered (for the minute).

  2. If only for a minute, I find it worth it every once in awhile :) (PS the pictures were taken for when we sell our house, so they have to look good, right) :)