Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six months

Sarah is six months, infact, she's almost 7 months, and we are still loving every second! This month has brought quite a bit of fun for us all. At the beginning of the month, she started rolling all over around the floor, then she really got into eating food, and looks at us longingly during every meal. She has also started doing a very excited grunt that sounds like she's trying to show how excited but very tough she is, and has become so loud that I've had to leave 2 sacrament meetings due to her enthusiasm :) She also broke through her first two teeth this month! And the last and most fun thing (I think) is that she's starting to sit up. We had a friend come over to play for a few minutes, so we sat her up to say hi. I expected to have to hold her up, but she sat there for more than 5 minutes. She's gonna be a pro before we know it!!

 Very happy to be together

 Claire and Sarah
You can see one of her little teeth in this one!

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