Monday, September 3, 2012

Virginia Beach

The next day, we headed for Virginia Beach and had a great time (other than the bit of thunder that made them kick us off the beach for about 2 hours). 
 We only got to play about 20 minutes before they kicked us off due to thunder!
We had a few tears, and a few sad faces, but we made it off the beach.
 We passed the time by walking along the boarkwalk,
 Listening to the ocean inside a few shells,
and having lunch at an Italian Ristorante (Sarah appreciated her first taste of french fries).
After over an hour, there was no sign of them letting us back on the beach, but no thunder or lightening in sight, so we headed to the car and almost left, but decided to turn back for one last look, and they had opened the beach back up.  Finally, we made it back onto the beach!!
 Kaden getting hit by the waves
Nicolas was busy diggin the entire day!
Shaylin and Elise
 Me, Brynlee, and Sarah

 Sarah loved her first feel of the ocean, but something about it scared her a little, and she spent the entire day with her head buried in my neck.  I tried to capture it, but this is all I got--her eating my hair and clinging onto me for dear life.  I loved the tight hugs all day!

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