Monday, September 3, 2012

Washington D.C. Temple

While we were in Wasington, we wanted to see the temple, so we drove over and met the parent's of a friend, who are serving a mission there.  They showed us around, then fed us some wonderful food before we left. 
The temple was under a little bit of construction, so don't mind the big crane next to it. 
Some crazy things the Parry's told us while we were there was of how people in that area are so greedy that they have actually tried to steal Moroni on top of the temple, thinking that he was solid gold, and tried to steal the steeples for the same reason, but didn't realize they were attached so far into the temple, they were unsuccessful.  And the other thing was as it was being built, people kept stealing the things on the temple grounds that were needed to build the temple, and through many prayers to figure out what to do, a dog showed up each night for the remiander of the construction, and nothing was stolen from that day on.  The dog was then adopted by one of the workers, and passed away a few years ago and is buried on the temple grounds. 
Haley and Sarah in the visitor's center

 Kaden and Brother Parry
The Whole gang

Washington D.C. Temple

Sis. Parry teaching us about what the symbols on the temple doors stand for

Gorgeous temple grounds

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