Monday, September 3, 2012

Jamestown and heading home

We had to use our last day to check out the historical towns of Yorktown and Jamestown.  With this, Kaden found out that because of his handicap, he gets to get him, his family, and a few friends into national parks for free for the rest of his life!  He was pretty excited about his special card. 
The towns were amazing, with cannons, and just so much rich historical information and sights.  We loved it!
 Since it was a Sunday, we packed a lunch and ate at a picnic spot in Yorktown.
 We had a friend come visit us, and he ran up the tree and turned around tio eat up-side-down.  We thought this was pretty cool!
 Me aiming the cannon, ready for fire!
Silly Nels, he got on the wrong side of the cannon.
 At Jamestown they had all the state flags and plaques that stated when it was founded, etc.  We can never pass up an opportunity to pose in front of Texas, where the craziness of our family began!
 This was the front of the flags and state museum.
This was the back end of the flags, symbolizing the boat that brought explorers across to this magnificent land!
We drove back to Mannases, VA where we stayed with some friends, the Atkinsons (I knew the wife growing up in Modesto, CA, and then we met them again when they moved into our ward in Texas).  Nels and I have never met a family so like our own in daily routines, and behaviors,  It was so fun to see the kids get along as well as they did--better than they ever have with anyone!!  We're so glad we got to see them!

What a fun trip!!!!

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