Sunday, November 4, 2012


We all know that Nicolas loves to learn fun facts, and has a creative mind, but this year, I learned that there it nothing he won't think of! He was wondering what would happen with different things in the freezer, so he put in a cup of water with an apricot pit to watch how it could freeze.

Then, he wanted to see what would happen to a flip flop if placed in the freezer, so of course he couldn't put it in the door, he had to put it in the ice despenser (of which we used for lunch, and no, it was not a clean flip flop!).

Then, as we were eating our lunch, with our refreshing ice water, Kaden complained of his tasting like soap, which he has done before and there was none, so I ignored him. He said, "No mom, it really does taste like it this time." Being the wonderful mother that I am, I continued to think he was being his picky self, and nothing was wrong. Then Brynlee said she tasted soap too, and I looked and realized there were some bubbles in her water. I thought, how wierd, the dishwasher really did leave soap in their cups. As I proceeded to give them refills of delicious ice water, I noticed more bubbles as the water fell onto the ice. I opened the freezer, and that is when I found not only a flip flop, but a little purple corner of something, sticking up underneath it. I pulled it all the way out, and it was a container of bubbles (of couse without it's lid) had been lain down inside the ice to see what would happen if it too, was frozen. 

(If you look at the top of the ice in my cup, you can see the film of small soapy bubbles all along it!)

Nicolas' scientific find was that mom is not happy when she has to clean out the entire soap dispenser, or when non-food substances are placed in the freezer.  Good find Nicolas, good find!