Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 School year

Well, last month we had our Parent Teacher Conferences.  This is always a time I fret, since we've had a few rough ones in our past. 

I was very pleased that, even though there are some struggles, the teachers recognize their potential, and are truly enjoying having them as a part of their day.  Go Hansen kids

I never posted the pics of their first day of school, so here I am, getting on the ball.  We have a pretty crazy morning, with three different times of people leaving. 
 Haley goes first, down to the bus stop.
 Then Kaden, Nicolas, and Brynlee about 45 min. later.
 And after they leave, Shaylin, Elise, Paul (the neighbor boy) and Sarah and I head down to the bus stop for one last goodbye to school. 

We have always had some pretty crazy mornings, but I have to say, this year, I don't hate anything.  Last year, I hated lunches--with a passion!  The year before that I hated the rush, and I was so stressed at it, that I was having continual hot flashes!  This year, it may be early; but so far, so good.  No, the kids have not been getting their piano practice in perfect, and no, all of their chores are not getting done; but, they are getting out of the house on time, there is very little screaming, and everyone leaves fed, and with a lunch in hand.  Go Hansen mom!!!

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