Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Let me start this post off by saying, we always wondered where Nicolas got his crazies, but this pictures prove it--he definitely got it from his father!
 These are the pictures we took after church the Sunday before Christmas. 

 There are a few things I love way too much about this photo.  One, the attempt on Sarah's life.  I knew Brynlee was jealous of her!  Two, Elise was attempting her mad face, and it was lost behind Brynlee's head.  And the third thing was I couldn't get Nicolas or Haley to make a crazy face at all, they just kept acting like themselves!! :)
I had to add this photo just to show that Sarah was smiling for every single picture we took, sadly the smile came after the flash though, so this is the only one we actually captured on tape.  I also really love the peeking from Kaden and Brynlee.  If you could see them, this would have been the best smile from everyone!
Ok, onto Christmas.  We had so many fun things this year.  One was our annual Gingerbread houses and caroling.
Working on some houses.
Our friends Beverly and Rosetta with their finished products.
 The kids had lots of fun together.
 The pictures turned out fuzzy, but here's some of the group.
Next came breakfast with Santa
 Sarah was very excited to meet him!
 He surprised Kaden and said, "You'd better watch out, you never know who may sneak up behind you."  Kaden was so surprised he jumped, but was very happy to see Santa.
 Nels had to go to work that morning, but it was probably a good thing because the whole restraunt was filled and we barely fit around the table.
We got to see Santa again on our way out. 
Sarah's first real encounter with Santa was great.  She didn't look quite so scared in person.  But she was definitely very inquisitive of who this bearded fellow was.

Christmas morning!!!
It all began on a quiet winter morning, with the dear little ones asleep in their beds...
 Then the chaos ensued!!
The kids opened their stockings, then waited patiently for the real fun to begin.
 Molly got an elf shirt (I couldn't help myself),
 Haley got a laptop,
Kaden got all the webkinz he wanted,
 Nicolas got an awesome nerf gun,
Shaylin got an American girl doll,
Brynlee got an American girl doll,
(notice the matching outfits)

Elise got a leapster,
and Sarah got a cool noise maker!

Christmas 2012 was a success!!!!!!


  1. Good job on pulling off Christmas for 7 kids! I'm impressed with the fine-tuning of the gifts - I can tell Santa really put effort into getting each kid exactly what they wanted. Plus I love your blog design. I'm having a bit of trouble with mine. Where do you go for your background designs?

  2. Your family is absolutely beautiful! What a fun Christmas for your cute kids!