Sunday, December 30, 2012


     Elise has always had a fun style of her own.  Her favorite thing to wear has long been a button-up shirt tucked into her pants with a belt.  I believe the love for this style started with a crush that she had on a little boy named Diego, in preschool.  She saw him with his slicked back hair and tucked in shirts, and knew that is what it took to look good! 
 She has also proven to have an amazing ablity to fix hair at a young age. She was the first of our children to be able to do her own ponytail. That began in preschool, and now, in kindergarten, she has begun doing some pretty fun things. Here is a picture of her two weeks ago after she went into the bathroom and did her hair completely on her own. I was pretty impressed. She has since come up with many more, all very good, and imaginative.

The last thing that I have to share about Elise is that she has been talking about getting her ears pierced for awhile, and we finally did it.  But did I take her to the store to do both ears at once, nope, not me!!  I am not that kind of mom!  I am the kind that goes and buys an ear piercing gun and does it herself.  Everything went great, until we had to do the second ear.  The first one caused a scream and some tears, but how can you convince a child to do it again? 
I attempted waiting until she told me I could do again, but I soon realized, she was never going to say, "Shoot me again, Mom."  So I asked her if I could do it real quick when she didn't even know.  She kind of agreed, and I took that as a yes, so I had her begin counting the freckles on her nose.  She began telling me she idn't know how when, yes you guessed it, another scream and more tears were heard from my bathroom. 
She did it though, her ears are now peirced :)
Oh, I fogot to mention, my ear piercing gun only lets you use ugly earings, so then I had to switch it out with the pretty hearts, which took me pulling out the ugly one, and basically re-piercing through the back of the ears with the pretty heart earings, since the hole had closed up within a second of the earing being taken out.  We got it though, and she didn't even cry through that part (I think because I hid the fact that it was bleeding).
I'm a good mom, right?  :)



  1. she is an amazing hairstylist. Alas, we won't be going there but Carmel can spray and fluff with the best of them. :) My girls saw my sister get her ears pierced and won't even consider it now.

  2. Bigmama,

    I was searching for my GF's blog and came across your interesting story about piercing your dd's ears at home. It was like deja vu. Just wanted to let you know you were not only a good mom piercing her ears at home, but a smart one too. I had a similar experience with our middle dd, age 4. She would see me and her older sister put ear rings on and wanted them too. She was always finding beads or shiny things and trying to put them on her ears. She had even tried to put an earring into her ear canal. That was scary. So to make a long story short, we decided it was time to just pierce her ears because she wanted and kept asking and asking for them.

    One weekend while dh was out of town, Sandi went shopping with me to the mall. She saw a little girl near her age crying after getting her ears pierced at Claires. Sandi was upset, but wanted them done. I was surprised when she asked me if I would pierce her ears at home! I asked her why and she said, "...mommy won't hurt me." Like you, I bought an ear piercing gun, a couple different pairs of piercing earrings and came home to do it. She chose the cz style earrings and let me do it with barely a tear shed and an "ouch" after the first ear. She allowed me to do the second one and was very proud of her earrings as she looked in the mirror. I asked her if it hurt, she smiled and said, " broke my ears." I was surprised how easy it was and how cute she looked.

    Well, dh came home after his trip and told Sandi how pretty she looked with little earrings. I told him him about our adventure to the mall, and Sandi wanting me to pierce her ears because I wouldn't hurt her. He loved hearing Sandi telling him the story how mommy pierced her ears. I was surprised what happened next.

    Missy, our 11 mo old, was waking up from a nap. Dh went in to get her and came back saying to me holding her up facing me saying...where is Missy's earrings? Brian asked me why I didn't pierce our 11 mo dd's ears too! I didn't know what to say. Admittedly, I recalled mentioning to him seeing some babies with cute earrings in the church nursery, but he didn't comment thinking maybe she was too young. I never thought he would ever agree to having our baby girl's ears pierced too. I was wrong. He told me that he really wanted them done so Missy would look more like "daddy's little girl." You could have pushed me over with a feather.

    Well, Brian went to work and I called my GF, Susie. I asked her if she would hold our dd while I pierced her ears! She said yes and came over to the house. I still had two additional pairs of piercing earrings so I chose the pearl studs for her thinking pearls are for little girls. After she fell asleep, I did her first ear. She barely whimpered so I quickly did the second ear. She was mad and cried for a whole 15 seconds stopping after I gave her a bottle. Susie was amazed how easy it turned out to be. Needless to say, Brian came home and was totally surprised, thrilled with Missy's little pierced earrings. He said how adorable she looked.

    I don't know if you'd considered having your baby girl's ears pierced now, but I'd say if you've remotely thought about it, then maybe your mommy intuition is telling now is better. All three girls, mommy included, now have pierced ears and look darling with little earrings.

    Just wanted to share my experience with you.


    1. Thanks for the story :) I was scared part-way through thinking you were going to say that when your hubby went and got the baby, Sandi had pierced her ears for you! Thank heavens that was not the case! What fun we do-it-ourselfers have, huh? Do you have a blog?

  3. Bigmama,

    Thanks for the story :) I was scared part-way through thinking you were going to say that when your hubby went and got the baby, Sandi had pierced her ears for you! Thank heavens that was not the case! What

    That really would have been a funny twist if Sandi had pierced her baby sister's ear or Brian had done it secretly, then brought Missy to me saying Sandi did it :)

    Piercing Missy's ears was much easier than her older sister. One of my GF's gave me tip for baby relaxation which made it her ear piercing very atraumatic. She was clueless, unafraid, and didn't know what was going to happen. It went very smoothly. All my girls now look adorable with little earrings. Since you already have a piercing gun, promise it would be easy to do the baby's ears. If your're on the fence about doing the baby, then drop me an e-mail for the info.

    We don't have a blog because of being stationed overseas. The military doesn't want families to have any way to find dependents of active duty personnel. We'll back end of his year so I'll start one then.