Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sarah's 1st birthday!!!!!

 Of course she had to have her own cake
 Of course she didn't like it :(
Once she touched it with her hand and the frostnig bit her, she no longer wanted the cake.
 I fed her one bite to make sure she didn't want any, and she most definitely did not.
 However, her mood changed dramtically when it came time for presents!

 Yeah, she got a baby!!  She absolutely loves babies!!!
 She got 2, one little and one big.
 She hugs them like this all the time, and I have to carry her and the baby around, so Sean, Nicolette and Claire got her a little one for us to take in the diaper bag.  Very thoughtful!
Sarah's friend Claire, and her mom Nicolette.


  1. sweet baby Sarah. I can't believe she's a year already.

  2. I'm so glad you sent me a blog address update. I occasionally checked the old blog - 8 hansens happened - and just thought you weren't doing it anymore. I haven't seen Sarah yet (how horrible of me!) but I have to tell you that she's absolutely adorable. I hope I get to meet her soon in person!