Monday, May 21, 2012

I Never Expected

I have learned many things as a mother, and a lot of them are things that no one ever told me, or explained.  I'm not sure why, because most of them seem pretty important.  So, as a result of this finding, I have decided to start a new section that I will add to at least once a month.  These are all of the, I never expected's in Motherhood, and even in Pregnancy! 

I never expected that I'd only have time to clean the toilets when they grew enough hair that they were no longer recognizeable as toilets!

Yes, this is a picture of my toilet (I never said these were all going to be the nice, I never expected's).  I thought I'd start with one to break the ice and show those people who have the crazy idea that because my children are dressed each day, that I have everything else done too!  I took the opportunity to capture the beauty of my growing toilet before I cleaned it this morning, and no, this is not the worst it's ever gotten.  This is 3 weeks worth of growth, with a chemical free scrubbing in between (thank heavens for toilet brushes sitting right next to the toilet; now why don't I have the chemical there too, so that I can do this without having to walk into the kitchen, get it, then walk back to put it away?  Oh, yes, because my cupboards in the bathroom are full, and it would just look too messy to put it next to my hairy toilet on the floor!  Pretty funny if you think about it.)  Anyway, the moral of the story is, toilets grow way too fast!!!! 

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