Sunday, June 24, 2012

The after Party

After the wedding, Antonio’s family and a few others went back to Trina’s house and had an after party, which she says went on until after 1:00am.  My mom, Lona and I only stayed for about an hour then headed back to Oregon. 

  My mom, dad, and step-mom, Marte hanging out with Sarah.  We had a bit of a drive home, so mom didn’t want to sit down J

  Grandpa Charles and Sarah Diantha

Trina and Isabella

 Antie Lona (Annie Lona is what I prefer to call her)  I love her silly faces

 Trina’s dad, Kenny started dancing with her, and showed us to start dancing with them and putting money in their clothes or hat; so we each took a turn.

This is Trina and I dancing!  I love this picture, she looks like an angel J


  1. Looks like a fun time. Congratulations to your sister-- she looks very happy!

  2. Yes, it was lots of fun! The kids would have loved it too!