Monday, June 25, 2012

Along with all the wedding stuff, Sarah and I got to go visit my mom and step-dad, Bill in Springfield, OR.  Our camera has not worked right for a long time, so when we first got there, Bill was so nice and gave us his camera (a very nice one) cause he just got a new one.  Here are some of the pictures we took of the fun that we had there.

  Here’s Bill and Echo (their cute puppy)!

 Mama Linda (that’s what the kids call her) and Sarah

  We met my Grandma (Bama is her nickname) at the Electric Station for some amazing Halibut for lunch.

 Sarah and Echo became great friends.  Echo would run up to her and try to get her to play, but very quickly learned to steer clear of her grabby hands J

 We had so much free time compared to our usual schedule, that I often found myself sitting on the couch watching my mom run around.  What a change—what a break!

  Bama and Sarah

The beautiful view we had while driving back to my mom’s house, from Trina’s.

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