Friday, June 22, 2012

Trina's big day!

 Trina and I ran around for three days, and got almost everything done, including wrapping over 200 hundred tamales (it was both of our first time, but I think we did pretty darn good!), and were ready for the big day.  We started out very slow, but eventually all took showers, got the kids dressed, fixed her hair, then ran out the door.  We were just a few minutes late, so missed out on a few finishing touches (of which no one else knew, so it was ok), and got our pictures taken.  I pulled out my camera to take some pictures, after the professional did her work, then quickly forgot about it and didn’t snap another picture until after the dinner was over, and the first dance began.  Pretty sad, but I’m glad I at least got these.  What a beautiful day!

  Trina had Antonio on his knees so she could fix his hair.  The expression of love that he had on his face, as he waited for her to be done, was so sweet.  I couldn’t capture that moment, but I could get this of how cute it was to have her fixing him up!
 Their first dance started off with their two beautiful children, Isabella and Lorenzo.

They had people hold the children so they could dance alone, and their embrace was filled with so much emotion.   I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen any two people cling to each other the way that they did in that moment.  They both had tears of joy as they shared their first dance as a married couple, and everyone watching was touched.

 Bama, Jennifer, Antie Lona, and Bill after a wonderful meal!

  Dad and Marte ended up surprising us by showing up, and I’m so glad they did!  It wouldn’t have been the same without them!!

  Trina and I--I love my sister!

  We never worked it out ahead of time, but Sarah ended up hanging out with my mom through almost the entire wedding, so that I could help with everything.  Sarah and I are both very grateful!!

  After we had taken down all the tables, and cleared almost everything out, I came back in to find my mom had kept her chair and was still sitting, as if her table were there.  It was pretty funny!

Me, my dad, both sisters, Trina and Shauna, and my new brother-in-law, Antonio
Shauna had to leave early, but I had to get one last picture of her and I before she left—I miss you Shauna!!

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