Sunday, June 3, 2012

The loss of wisdom...teeth

    Well, for some strange reason, I decided to listen to the dentist and, even though my wisdom teeth were in great health, get them removed for ease of cleaning my mouth.  Silly me, did I forget I'm in my 30's now?!  What was I thinking? Now I have to revert to eating baby food for the next month, while the gaping holes, where my gigantoid wisdom teeth were, heal closed!
     I spent 6 long years growing those suckers in. I remember feeling the pain of them, forcing their way up, on many occasions, and was very proud to say I had room for my wisdom teeth.  Well, now my drawer is holding the nasty little buggers, along with my 2nd baby tooth that I also had removed.  And, tomorrow, I will be the proud new owner of 2 fake teeth on a retainer (to replace the two that never had permanent teeth to grow in).
     So, I have to say, getting my wisdom teeth out was not too bad, annoying, yes, but altogether, I really liked being put to sleep (nitrous oxide is my new best friend). My face had hardly any swelling, and other than the change in diet, no one would ever know. 
     I do have one complaint, however, as this picture shows, anesthesia and me, well, we are not the best of friends! As soon as I woke up and realized how comfy I really was, the nausea set in. I had nothing in my stomach, since I had been put under, so I had nothing to lose, but I had a very hard time convincing my body of that, and went through the actions every time I sat up. Eeew!  I have a huge popped blood vessel under my eye to prove how badly my body wanted to empty itself of the vile anesthesia. Anyway, after about 6 hours of lying around waiting for it to get out of my system, I began to feel better, and could actually get off the couch and eat, or shall I say drink some dinner.
     It's sad to me that with how fast I seem to be able to get over sicknesses, and surgeries that I have to deal with the nausea. If not for that, my healing time would be amazing with so many things I've done!

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