Thursday, June 21, 2012

A small wedding vacation!

Sarah and I visited my sister Trina in Washington for her wedding!  The trip started off with a lot of wedding preparations. 
 The first stop was for my sister's Shauna, Trina, and I to get a manicure and pedicure for the wedding. Lots of fun!! It was our first time ever doing a sister’s outing. Pretty sad it took us this long, but that’s what happens when you live all over the country.

Trina ended up getting some nails put on that had a glittery finish.  They looked very pretty, and no, these are not the finished product, we just had to snap a shot of her right after they got attached! 
Antonio kept calling Sarah “my new baby.”  It was very sweet J  Here he is with his two kiddos, Isabella and Lorenzo; and his “new baby,” Sarah!
Lorenzo didn’t know me very well, but I won his heart by throwing a football back and forth almost every single day we were there!  What a cutie!!
  I also couldn’t resist making a fun lunch when I babysat him for the first time, while Trina went to a meeting.  We made chocolate chip pancakes with fruity faces.  He requested an angry dinosaur face, so here he is posing with it!

I had a few things to fix on the wedding dress, including ironing it, which only took me 2 hours or so!  Yikes!!  Lorenzo snapped this of me fixing the hook on the back of it.
  This was the first time Sarah met any of her cousins.  Isabella and her are only 3 months apart, so they had fun getting to know one another by grabbing at each other’s faces.  It was so funny!  Trina snapped a shot of Isabella pulling up Sarah’s lip while she was trying to get Sarah’s hairbow off, and the day before, Sarah had gotten a good hold of Isabella’s hair!  That didn’t make Isabella happy, but man was it funny to watch.  They both wanted what they couldn’t have J

  These are all the cakes we frosted.  People were so kind to donate already made ones, and then we put them together with custard and frosting.  They were very good!

This is the dress hanging after everything on it was fixed and pressed.   

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